Myung Sung Kwang

Myung Sung Kwang, the eldest son of the late Grandmaster Myung Jae Nam, is the 2nd doju and current President of Jaenam Musul Won.

Myung Sung Kwang assumed leadership of the International H·K·D Federation aka: International Hapkido Federation in 1999 upon the passing of his father, Grandmaster Myung Jae Nam.

In September 2000, the Korean Ministry of Culture and Tourism granted Doju, Myung Sung Kwang the approval to form Jaenam Musul Won.

The term Musul Won refers to a training center or institution associated with the martial arts. The name Jaenam is used in honor of the founder of Hankido and Hankumdo, the late Grandmaster Myung Jae Nam.

Jaenam Musul Won is an umbrella organization that includes four main subdivisions. They are, namely, the International Hapkido Federation, the International Hankido Federation, the International Hankumdo Federation, and the International Hwal Bup Federation. These four units are collectively known as the International H·K·D Federation. It also includes the demonstration team, the technical committee, and the governing board.

At present there are fifteen regional offices in Korea and members in sixty countries around the world.

In May 2001, the National Police Agency granted “favored” status to certification issued by Jaenam Musul Won.

Jaenam Musul Won is headquartered in Yong-In, Gyeonggi-do Korea.