jiyongkwan-logoJi Yong Kwan was founded by Master Ali Al-Nasser on July 1, 2005. We believe that martial arts emphasizes physical and mental well being for all of humanity. At Ji Yong Kwan you get the chance to learn one of the greatest martial arts in the world in a friendly and safe environment. We respect all the old values, but with a modern approach to teaching.

A rough translation of Ji Yong Kwan is as follows: Ji (智) means intelligence, Yong (勇) translates to bravery, and Kwan (館) means school, center, house, or institute. Therefore, Ji Yong Kwan means the School of Intelligence and Bravery.

Ji Yong Kwan would like to extend the warmest welcome to our website. We hope to serve our community by passing on the benefits of martial arts training to new friends, fellow students, and all other interested individuals.

Ji Yong Kwan is officially recognized by the International H.K.D. Federation World Headquarters in South Korea.

Join us and enjoy the benefits which practicing a martial art gives you.